Pledging Process

The Pledge Process

Stop by our table in the Chemistry Building during our Rush Week to pick up a flyer! Recruitment events usually include (but are not limited to) an information meeting, an event where you can meet the brothers, and a pizza party!

After Rush Week, a formal induction ceremony will be held. This ceremony usually takes about 30 minutes and is held in the AXΣ house.

After induction, you will begin attending pledge meetings. These meetings are usually held on Sunday evenings. Here you will learn about the history of AXΣ, and other important things about the fraternity.

Initiation is a full-day event held on a Saturday toward the end of each semester. If deemed worthy, you will be allowed to be initiated into the fraternity! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. Dress for comfort, and bring homework to do while you're waiting!