Frequently Asked Questions


Pledging is a process that every active brother must go through before being initiated into the fraternity. It occurs over the course of one semester, and at the end of that semester, if deemed fit, you will be initiated into our chapter.

A professional fraternity chooses its members based on common professional goals and interests. That being said, ΑΧΣ isn't only for chemistry majors! We welcome all majors, including biochemistry, biology, and health and human physiology. Our chapter also boasts some business majors!

Yes! While being a member of ΑΧΣ does not allow you to join another professional fraternity, it does allow for you to be a part of service or social fraternities.

While some chapters require their members to take a specified number of chemistry courses, the Alpha Theta chapter does not. We welcome any chemistry (or science) major, including freshmen. We hold initiation twice each year, so if you want to pledge, you can find information around the Chemistry Building at the beginning of each semester!

A pledge can expect to spend less than 3 hours per week, depending on the week. Things tend to pick up around initiation time, but other than that, you will only be expected to attend pledge meetings once a week for six weeks.

​​​​​​Nope! ΑΧΣ has roughly fifty collegiate chapters throughout the country, as well as some professional chapters. If you join ΑΧΣ, you'll likely meet brothers from other chapters at our initiation!

While hazing is not always meant to be harmful, it is an activity that we take extremely seriously. As a pledge, you will not be hazed in any way. If there is anything asked of you that makes you feel uncomfortable, you will never be forced to do it. Please contact a trusted member of the fraternity if you feel you are being hazed.

While it may seem like ΑΧΣ is only for undergraduate students, we welcome graduate students, too. Some of our active members are chemistry or chemical engineering graduate students, and a few of the professors at the University of Iowa are brothers as well. Because we are a professional fraternity, we have an active presence in industry and at various professional chapters. ΑΧΣ isn't just for undergrads - it's for life!

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